Why Choose Espiritu Latino ?


  • •Genuine Latina Brought Up With Salsa.

  • •11 Years Experience of Teaching Salsa.

  • •Fully Qualified – Exercise to Music Teacher

  • •Fully Qualified – Zumba Teacher.

  • •Fully Qualified – First Aider (St Johns).

  • Fully qualified – Holistic Therapist.

  • •Public Liability Insurance.

  • •Public Performance License.


Jenny, was born in Venezuela and immersed in Salsa from an early age which is a major part of the Latin American culture. So when you join the class you will be getting the genuine Latin article, full of passion, Latin spirit and a love for this contagious beat. She has been teaching Salsa dancing professionally for 8 years and just as importantly is a fully qualified dance teacher, aerobics instructor, Zumba instructor, holistic therapist and in first aid.

She said: “Forget conformity, or complex sequences, and think improvisation, motivation, laughter and big fun. It’s Latin dancing for those who want to feel young and live life to the full!” She added: “Whether 17 or 70, got two left feet or can move like Shakira, a new way of keeping fit and learning to dance real Latin style has emerged. Banish the television, go to a class, put on your favourite Salsa CD and let yourself dance to the music – it’s the essence of Latin spirit.   Her bubbly and relaxed stress free teaching style is why her students keep coming back for more. The course will take you from complete beginner and instil you with Latin Spirit AKA “Espiritu Latino”.    Her classes are structured and follow a curriculum, this way every student progress at the same time. By really listening and observing the class, she adapts the pace so everybody is comfortable and happy with the lessons. Not too fast, too slow, too complicated or too simple and when the students want to do Merengue this week, guess what? they get it, after all it is their class. “Dance night is my best night of the week” “I feel so full of energy”, “Always finish on a high”, “Can’t believe how easy it is to follow” are typical of the comments made during the class.