Deliver the best quality Latin dancing experience in a fun, safe and relaxing atmosphere taking on board the different abilities and needs of the group.

To give you the best quality Latin dance learning experience that we can. To improve your knowledge, feel and appreciation of Latin dancing and music. Enable you to take to the dance floor or ask someone to dance with confidence. Inject you with the Latin spirit (zest for life and confidence). Tailor the classes to your needs (They are your classes). Relieve stresses of life through dance therapy. Promote gentle exercise and get in shape through dance. Encourage fun and laughter. To listen to your comments and consider them in relation to the groups wishes.

Honesty, openness. Respect diversity of cultures, orientations, religions and abilities. Encourage each other. Not to single anyone out. Laugh with each other not at each other. Do it with attitude (Even if at first we are bad, lets be bad with attitude)

ENABLERS – Feel free to do the following. Laugh, cry. Ask if want to see it again, need more help or clarification (There are no daft questions). At any time take a break, watch or sit down. Avoid any moves that will affect physical conditions or limitations. To change your position (Eg front \ back) during the class. Suggest improvements. Improvise, be inventive, let yourself go.