Do the lessons run throughout the year?
Our aim, to run them in blocks of ten weeks available during school term time only. ·

Do I need any previous experience?
Definitely not. Let us worry about that.

I’ve got two left feet – Is there any hope?
We always enjoy a challenge, so two left feet is not an excuse. if you can walk, you can dance. But another solution is to match you up with a two right-footed partner.

I lack confidence, have a terrible memory and the thought of joining a class makes me nervous!
We realise that many people feel like this before joining a class. You are likely to benefit the most from our sessions as we aim to boost self esteem, which you will then be able to apply to other areas of you life. The style of our classes are designed to be stress free, repeated often and the progression pace determined by you the students not a curriculum. Take the first steps to a new you.

Are fitness levels an issue?
Our aim is to try to get more people active by gently improving fitness levels. The overall exertion levels of the class are carefully controlled by the teacher. You can dance as gentle or vigerous as you want and can take advantage of our “Time out anytime” policy which we actively encourage. You MUST always consult a doctor for ANY health concerns. Please see our health and safety statement.

What do I need to bring?
We recommend to bring drinking water, a hand towel in case of too much perspiration and appropriate foot wear.

What clothes or footwear should I wear?
Clothes: Anything you want. Shoes: Flat and comfortable with a non slip sole is what we recommend. As you may be required to execute turns, rubber soles and high heals can increase the risk of injuries such us sprains, twisted ankles, etc so are not recommended.

Do I have to bring a (dancing) partner with me?
That’s not necessary at all. Many people show up to the lessons either on our own or with friends of the same gender. You will be partnered up during the sessions.

What kind of music do you play?
We play contemporary / modern Latin American music. The sound varies a lot, from big and bold, to smooth and with a groove. We do try to vary the music to cater for all tastes.

I’ve heard of the style called Rueda de Casino.What is it?
That’s an essay in itself. “Rueda” means wheel or circle. Rueda de Casino is a style of dancing salsa in co-ordinated groups that supposedly originated in the Casino ballroom in Cuba. A “caller” shouts out a move or sequence of moves which dancers, arranged in a circle, execute. Occasionally dancers change their partners all at the same time. It’s a bit like a cross between salsa and ceilidh. The style is loosely called “Rueda”, “Casino-style salsa” or “Rueda de Casino”. We do introduce elements of this style which can be applied to dancing with solo couples. Do you teach lots of fancy moves? We do teach more complex combinations once the students have learnt the basic steps, after we are sure that the best foundations are laid down so that you can execute them with ease. However, we don’t just teach the moves for the sake of it, we encourage our students to spark creativity allowing you to make up moves on your own like real latinos.

Do you do private parties, lessons or wedding preparation Salsa?
We are happy to enliven your party with Espíritu Latino or arrange private lessons for groups of people. Our Wedding day preparation mini Salsa course will ensure that everyone gets up to dance on the special day and will be remembered for years to come. And did we forget to mention that it is fun and looks great on your pictures.

I get a lot of conflicting messages/points of view about salsa.
Which is the right one? The defining aspects of salsa (music and dance) are as hotly debated as the creation of the universe. With so many theories and opinions flying around, probably the best way is to settle for the one that you like the most. By it’s nature latin dance is about creativity not absolute conformity.

Are there any rules about asking someone to dance?
Absolutely not, the essence of the Latin Spirit not only allows this but makes it mandatory. We encourage everybody to dance with everyone else, including the teachers. Actually you get to dance with a lot of other people, since we change your partners frequently.

Where do I find information about Health and Safety?
Please read Company Health and Safety Statement included in the enrolment pack. This is an integral part of the classes as we want to give you a safe and enjoyable experience.